Soul Song

05.11.2011 11:38



Songs of the Autumn Wind

In every season, the wind composes new songs for the trees. Autumn resounds with a full and rich tone. The autumn wind is full of the strength it has gathered all year, but it no longer has the capriciousness of spring or the storminess and fierceness of summer. The autumn wind is kind, it has learned how to handle its power and now it can lean against the branches of the trees and make the leaves ring with the soft song of late summer. The wind plays, moves away and returns again in waves, awakening the resonance of sounds and rhythms in the shapes of the trees. Fragile birches resound with sparkling notes, alders add a gentle tremolo, willows sing their kind song of wisdom, and oaks fill the air with deep notes. And what about the forests, when they resound in powerful autumnal chants. Each tree has its own song and each one sings in its own key. The trees are the orchestra and the wind their conductor and songwriter. His music is alive, made up of sounds and shapes in which trees sway, sway, bend and wave to the rhythm of autumn dances and celebratory songs. The wind plays with each leaf separately, reaching the highest branches and spinning the leaves lying on the ground. Everything is music, every movement or change is also sound. The wind never plays any of its songs twice. The songs appear, resound fully in the unrepeatable choreography of the moment, and fade away. The wind creates them from the sky, clouds, water and light. Wind and trees are friends and allies. They need and love each other. The wind would not be able to compose its unique melodies and the trees would not know their strength without the wind. They are animated and inspired by joint creation.