What is happening with us , with the world and in our lives

28.10.2023 18:26

What is happening with us, with the world and in our lives?

17/10/2019 10:59

The predictions of the Elders for the upcoming portal into the new 7 year cycle that will begin in 2020 warn us of the growing pressure of a transforming society. The coming years can be very difficult for anyone who chooses to stay in the old models. On the contrary, they can literally be a transformation into a completely new and easy state of conscious life. Acceleration of development certainly cannot be avoided by anyone. There is nothing we can take as a guide from the past. The old ways of perceiving reality are ending and what we perceive as pressure in and around us is a new and healthy level of consciousness that is trying to awaken in the Heart, body, mind and as a change in life values ​​and style. Good quality regular meditation and positive creative activity in self development are like bridges to a new level of Conscie immunity to old energies that are heavy, negative and fear-promoting.

What supports the Heart will give us strength. 

Much that used to be our reality is no longer a safe and healthy way of life. We all change, just like the weather, and it depends only on us whether we choose a difficult or an easier path. We realize more and more that we would like to have more time for ourselves, our family, for walks in nature and meditation. We want to be healthy. And despite the fact that we want to change the pace of life that we know is not good for us, despite the fact that we know internally that we have to do it, there is something that drags us again and again into the never-ending stream of more and more tasks and responsibilities . 

And so, with a sigh, we postpone our wishes for later. 

Every day that we let go without a deep contact with the sacredness of life and the magic of the Inner World of our own soul brings us the same questions. Is this really all? Am I living my own life or something that is not close to me and that does not suit me? Is there enough true love in my life? I know from my own experience that not all people ask such questions. But if you are the ones who really want to change and don't know how to start, then my work can help you. You have a dream in your Heart that is yours. It is so close to you that it is your inner Reality. 

It's you alone. 

The problem is that your mind trusts more what comes from others and the outside world. 

To truly experience yourself as the Path of your Dream, you must transform yourself from the inside out.