Art of Creation - meditative program

12.10.2011 06:21

During a weekend meeting wie tune on calming mind, center and focus on internal resources. We realize the quality of the natural time and its potential for life choices and everyday decisions.The main issue is the study of movement meditation - Sacred Movement Ritual, as the source from which one can draw guidance and support in the practice of everyday life.  During the program we gradually go through 9 meditative movements - spiritual lessons, learning the wisdom and guidance from each one, to stand in the center firmly, flexible,with confidence and inner peace. In the integrity of this space, in silence and beauty of ourselves we let our soul to fill us with abundance and inspiration, finding here new orientation and guidance for life. 

 Program and practice of transmitted Sacred Movement Ritual does not support any form of escape from everyday life. On the contrary, it brings clarity of insight into personal experience and is a tool in everyday life, promoting courage and will to live one´s own life inspired by Soul.  Following  personal practice of meditation in everyday life is important for consolidating the new impressions in the personal energy system.

The program does not require previous experience with meditation 

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